A vision to achieve International Dark Sky Sanctuary & Community Status for the District of Kaikōura.

Blessed with stunning scenery, world-famous marine life and unique birds. The land (whenua) and the sea (moana) of Kaikōura are celebrated and cherished throughout New Zealand and the world.

Filled with stars, celestial wonders and a stunningly clear Milky Way (Te Ikaroa) – It’s now time to celebrate the pristine dark sky of Kaikōura as one of our hidden gems.

Join us in our mission to achieve International Dark Sky status for Kaikōura and protect our night sky for the generations to come.

Read about the proposed private plan change here

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Our Mission

To encourage the enjoyment, enhancement, and preservation of the exceptional dark skies of Kaikōura

About the dark sky vision

The Dark Skies initiative in Kaikōura was formed in 2020 by a group of passionate volunteers and local astronomers. Since then the trust has grown to encompass businesses, residents and local government organisations. Together we believe achieving an International Dark Sky status will benefit Kaikōura’s economy, environment and community health.

Find out more about the proposed Dark Sky protected area, the quality of our night sky and the Kaikōura Dark Sky Trust.


Enjoy our night sky

You can enjoy a pristine night sky anywhere in Kaikōura, but we’ve shared our favourite spots for relaxed star-bathing and exceptional stargazing. Read our top tips on how to enhance your stargazing skills, alongside monthly astro information and Nasa’s image of the day.

Protect our night sky

To achieve International Dark Sky status we will need to work together as a community to reduce light pollution. This doesn’t mean we need to turn off all the lights. It simply means we need use light more efficiently. Read more about light pollution, its effects, and how we can reduce it.

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Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters who have kindly provided free ongoing services & advice or have generously donated funds. You are amazing and the stars will shine a little brighter because of you.

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