Kaikōura Dark Sky Website Launched

The vision held by a group of enthusiastic volunteers to achieve International Dark Sky status for Kaikōura is growing momentum. Recently established as the Kaikōura Dark Sky Trust, their new website https://kaikouradarksky.nz/ is packed full of useful tips on how to enjoy and how to protect our exceptional local night skies.

Destination Kaikōura are proud partners of the new website.  When presented with the opportunity to support the great work being done, Lisa Bond, Destination Manger jumped at the chance to help the great work being achieved by the Trust build a platform that will educate & inform both locals and visitors alike on the beauty of the night sky and how to protect it. This is going to be a great asset for Kaikōura.

Enjoy our night sky – with a world class night sky right here in Kaikōura you are encouraged to look up and enjoy its’ many wonders. “Be reminded of the beauty of the night sky”. Whether you simply want to lie back and bath under the starry skies or are a keen astronomer the new website offers some top tips, useful apps, charts and a few fun creative activities.  

Protect the natural darkness of our night sky – We don’t need to turn off all the lights, we just need to use artificial light at night (ALAN) more efficiently and effectively to better protect our night sky, our ecosystems and our health. Learn 5 easy steps on how you can help.

Be informed – our site hosts a library of resources for anyone keen to watch short videos or read more informed articles and delve into the scientific wonders of our universe and beyond.  

What’s happening? – the group is planning a series of free community star gazing evenings for interested locals of all ages. Keep an eye on the events calendar.

This year marks 10 years since the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve received its accreditation from the International Dark-Sky Association. (IDA) Much like Kaikōura, many places around New Zealand are now joining the movement.   Nicky McArthur, Chair of the Kaikōura Dark Sky Trust, is really excited that on achieving our IDA accreditation our Kaikōura District will then play an important part of New Zealand becoming a Dark Sky Nation.

Working to protect the natural darkness of our night skies for both our present and future generations is becoming a reality, not only within the Kaikōura District but across wider New Zealand.

Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters who have kindly provided free ongoing services & advice or have generously donated funds. You are amazing and the stars will shine a little brighter because of you.

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